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The default location for Acarda Outbound log files, databases, messages, recordings and settings is in the folder C:\ProgramData\Acarda\Acarda Outbound\. For example, databases are located in C:\ProgramData\Acarda\Acarda Outbound\Data\. That folder should be included in your backups. Another example is the log files. These are located, by default, in C:\ProgramData\Acarda\Acarda Outbound\Logs.

If you look for these folders you may find them to be hidden as Windows usually hides C:\ProgramData\ because the files are usually only used by your applications. This blog will explain how to get to these folders and how to show hidden folders.

First of all if you open up a Windows Explorer viewer or just open up Computer (My Computer) where you can see the hard disks drives listed you should be able to just type in (or copy and paste) the folder address e.g. “C:\ProgramData\Acarda\Acarda Outbound\Logs\” and it should open up.

Alternatively to show hidden folders take the following steps:

1. View the C Drive folders and files


2. Click on Organize then in the menu, click on Folder and Search options.

3. Next in then View tab select “Show hidden files and folders”


Now when you look at C Drive folders you should see the C:\ProgramData\ folder.