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Acarda Outbound Agents can make outbound calls through any one of a number of telephony devices. Acarda Outbound does not need expensive dialer hardware and telephone calls are not routed through the Acarda Outbound system itself rather they are placed directly with the selected telephone device at the agent’s computer. The means that Acarda Outbound does not have access to the voice conversations and cannot therefore record them. There are options however to record the conversations through some telephony devices or with 3rd-party voice recording applications.

Your recording options depend on the telephony device you use to make calls. I will just mention a few alternatives for now:

Zoiper 3 Biz – Acarda Outbound has a direct API integration with the Zoiper 3 Biz softphone. You can download it via To be able to record calls (and also to play pre-recorded messages) you need the paid Zoiper 3 Biz edition.

outbound calling with zoiper

Skype – If you are using Skype then you could use a 3rd-party product such as

TAPI – Acarda Outbound can dial via a TAPI compatible interface such as modem, or PBX TAPI interface (in which case modems are not required). Some PBX’s have built in call recording functions. TAPI compatible voice modem allow Acarda Outbound to let the agent stop and start recording the conversation.

Softphones – Softphones that support command line parameters can be used with Acarda Outbound. Softphones are set up with VoIP/SIP trunks and so you can use 3rd-party applications to record conversions. Orecx, provides an open source free recording product. See

select record message from action button

Unless you like one of the options I mentioned above you should do an online search to locate a possible 3rd-party application for voice recording. We have not tested them but a couple of other products include Total Recorder, and Call Catch the end of the day however, the product you need to select for call recording, will depend on the device you are making your calls through.