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Sometimes your calling list may have telephone numbers in it that require digit prefixes such as area codes place in front of the telephone numbers. Another example is when you have a phone system that requires a 1 or a 9 digit to get an outside line.

To set up a prefix you need to add it into the Digit Translation table which can be found be taking the following steps:

  1. In the solo edition of Acarda Outbound, first click on the Administration tab and then the Setup tab. In the team edition, open Acarda Outbound Manager and click on the Setup tab.
  2. In the Setup group of icons click on the Settings icon.
  3. In the left sidebar you will see the Agent Display branch and also a Call Options branch. Under Call Options click on Telephony.

Now to add, for example, a prefix of 1:

  1. Click on the New button under the Digit Translation table.
  2. Leaving the Pattern box empty click on the OK button and that will add a new line to the Digit Translation table.
  3. Select the new row and tab in the grid twice to get to Prefix column.
  4. Enter a 1 then press enter key.

Figure 1: The Digit Translation table showing a 1 prefix entry.

You can add more complex rules by using the Pattern to match the telephone numbers that start with a certain pattern and only those numbers will have the rule applied. For example those telephone numbers that start with a 302 could have the 302 removed. This could be for the case where 302 is a local exchange and it may be preferred to dial them with that exchange code. Figure 2 shows how this would look set up in the Digit Translation table.

Figure 2: The Digit Translation table now also with removing 302 digits.

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