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When using a voice modem card as the dialing device it is possible to configure Acarda Outbound to play a pre-recorded message when you are using a TAPI compatible voice modem as the dialing device.

The usual setting when dialing out with modems is to have the device auto-hang up a few seconds after it has dialed the telephone number. In that way it simply acts as a speed dialer and you pick up the call with your normal headset/telephone. However, if you want to play voice files through your modem, you need to keep the modem in the call and not auto-hang up until the end. This allows you, if desired, to play a pre-recorded voice message, for example to voicemail, after doing so click the hang up button to disconnect the call. To change the auto-hang up setting follow these steps:

1. In the solo edition of Acarda Outbound, first click on the Administration tab and then the Setup tab. In the team edition, open Acarda Outbound Manager and click on the Setup tab.

2. In the Setup group of icons click on the Settings icon.

3. In the left sidebar you should default to the correct location, the Agent Display then Agent Settings. In the Agent Settings panel there are four sub-panels, the last one called Call Automation consist of two check boxes. The first check box is called Automatically Hang up after Dialing. This is the one to uncheck if you want to play voice messages through a modem.


You need to prepare your voice message. Write out the script ahead of time and practice speaking it. Then record the message in a format that you modem supports. Usually the format will be a wav file of 8000 Hz sampling rate, 16 bits, mono. Any recording tool should be fine as long as you can set the correct format and save as a wav file. You can download our free tool, Acarda WavRecorder, from our website,

At present you can only have one pre-recorded message and it must have the file name and location of: “C:\Program Files\Acarda\Acarda Outbound\message.wav”. Future releases should improve this and give multiple recorded message file options. So take your recorded wav file and rename it to message.wav and copy it into the “C:\Program Files\Acarda\Acarda Outbound\” folder. For the team edition this file should be located on the agent computers.

Now when you have dialed out with through your TAPI voice modem you will be able to click on the Action button and then select Play Message. If you need to stop during the message you can click Stop Message.