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In Acarda Outbound there are different types of call backs including Busy re-attempts, No Answer re-attempts, Voice Mail re-attempts and Requested call backs. The Requested call backs are the most important because a prospect or customer has asked the agent to call back at a set date and time. These take priority over all other types of call backs.


Figure 1: The Call Back Menu Dialog.

Call backs are usually confined to the campaign in which they are set in, so if you change to another campaign you will not receive the Requested call backs unless you enable this feature. To do this, take the following steps.

1. Go to the Call Back Settings screen.

a. In Acarda Outbound Team: open Acarda Outbound Manager click on the Setup tab then in the Setup group of icons, click on the Settings icon.

b. In Acarda Outbound Solo: click on the Administration tab (rather than the Agent View tab) and then the Setup tab, then in the Setup group of icons, click on the Settings icon.

2. Now in the left sidebar you will see the Agent Display branch and also a Call Options branch. Under Call Options click on Call Backs and you will see the Call Back Screen like figure 2. In the second panel, “Call Back Settings”, check the “Enable Global Requested Call Backs” to turn on this feature.

3. In the team edition, in order to have Call Back Options change you need to restart Acarda Outbound Service. This is not necessary in the solo edition. In Acarda Outbound Team: open Acarda Outbound Server Administrator click on Stop then wait, once stopped then click on Start.


Figure 2: The Call Back Screen.

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