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There are two methods for Acarda Outbound to dial out with the AltiGen phone system. The first is via the AltiGen MaxAgent softphone and the second, is directly with the AltiGen Phone System through AltiGen’s SDK. This blog will explain how to configure Acarda Outbound for each of these two approaches.

These instructions apply to both the Team and Solo Editions of Acarda Outbound. For Acarda Outbound Team: In Acarda Outbound Agent click on the Tools menu up the top right side of the screen and select the Dialing Device submenu. For Acarda Outbound Solo: Click on the Agent View tab and in the top right, click the Tools menu and select the Dialing Device submenu.

AltiGen MaxAgent Softphone

Dialing out via the MaxAgent softphone does not require the AltiGen edition of Acarda Outbound. AltiGen’s MaxAgent must be installed, running and logged in before continuing. Select AltiGen MaxAgent from the drop down list and click the Test Connection button. You should see feedback on screen saying that the connection was successful. Click Save to select this option and close the Dialing Device screen.


Figure 1: The AltiGen MaxAgent dialing device selection.

AltiGen Phone System through AltiGen’s SDK

Dialing out directly with the AltiGen Phone System is only available in the Acarda Outbound – AltiGen Edition from an authorized AltiGen Reseller Partner. This is a much tighter integration and requires an AltiGen SDK license (Client Application SDK Session License). The advantages of this approach include the ability to dial out with both physical desktop phones connected to the AltiGen Phone System in addition to the MaxAgent softphone, being able to set the outgoing caller ID number, optional do not disturb mode, and a greater level of line status detail. This is our recommended way to dial out with an AltiGen phone system.


Figure 2: The AltiGen Phone System dialing device selection.

When you select the AltiGen Phone System for the dialing device you need to enter the phone system’s server address. If you want to prevent inbound calls being sent to this extension then check the Do Not Disturb Mode check box. There are three login options: The first, Prompt, will ask you to provide login details every time you start Acarda Outbound Agent, the second, System, will save the extension and password for any Acarda Outbound username, the third, User, will save the extension and password on a per user bases so each user logged into Acarda Outbound can have a different extension and password set. These settings are saved onto the Agent station only – you will need to reconfigure your login if you change Agent computers.

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