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In the solo edition of Acarda Outbound there are two ways of viewing the data, one is “List View” which shows a list of numbers to call, the other is “Card View” which is one record at a time and how it is in the team edition. This blog I will explain how to switch between the views. Please remember this is only for Acarda Outbound Solo as in the team edition the agent always operates in the “Card View” mode.

Figure 1 shows the main screen in Acarda Outbound Solo with the agent displayed in “List View”. “List View” works slightly different to the team edition and presents the agent with a list of all the records in the Dial List in two groups. The lower group shows those not yet called and the top group shows the call backs (which includes redials for busy and no answer). On the left side is displayed a Dial Card for the selected record.


Figure 1: Solo edition in List View.

The “Card View” layout, shown in figure 2, shows just one lead at a time. This means that the agent of more focused and doesn’t need to think about call backs as the best lead for them to call for that time is displayed in the Dial Card area when the agent clicks Next Dial. The “Card View” is the only mode in the team edition.


Figure 2: Solo edition in Card View.

These settings are changed under the User Setup (in Setup Tab). See figure 3 and 4. In Acarda Outbound Solo take the following steps:

  1. Click on the Administration tab (rather than the Agent View tab).
  2. Click on the Setup tab, then in the Setup group of icons, click on the Users icon.
  3. On the right side once you select the user you will see “Agent View” setting.
  4. Select either “List View” or “Card View” from the drop down list then click the Enter key. Now when you return to the agent screen you should see the selected layout type.


Figure 3: User Setup.


Figure 4: Agent View Setting.

For more details on Acarda Outbound please see You can download an Acarda Outbound trial via