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Some claim that telemarketing is one of the most rapidly expanding industries in the business world today, and smart businesses companies are utilising this in an effort to increase sales.

Because it is so affordable and its ease of use, outbound telemarketing has been around almost since the invention of the telephone. Thousands of businesses depend on the telephone for a large part of their sales. Telemarketing now surpasses direct mail as an effective strategy for marketing. Outbound telemarketing provides the opportunity to make sales calls, to upgrade mail orders, do prospecting and speed up cash flow to the business through accounts receivable collection efforts. It can also be applied to build retail traffic, get appointments for sales reps, and even re-sell clients who have cancelled their orders. Fundraising represents another huge area where outbound telemarketing has brought dramatic results.


One pharmaceutical company realized the impact of outbound marketing when they found they could call hundreds of pharmacies an hour through outbound telemarketing compared to much less success with direct mail and they had lower costs to contend with.

Using the telephone as your main method of communication, you are performing a function that few in the world can do well. You are helping people to take action and make a decision, based almost solely on the words and ideas that come from your mouth. It’s quite an awesome feat when you think about it. And do think about it. It takes a talented individual to be able to do that well. You are that person. Feel proud of what you do, and always strive to get better!