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How to change the order of the Dial List

As you import a calling list into a campaign in Acarda Outbound each record has the date and time of the import set as the last updated date for that record. Later as agents are calling new leads are given out on a First-In-First-Out basis. That means the oldest records in the campaign are given out before newer leads. If your imported list originated in a certain order, then the leads will be sent out approximately in that same order based on the last updated date for that record.

This blog will explain how to randomize the order of the list and to also reset the randomized order. These instructions apply to both the Team and Solo Editions of Acarda Outbound. For Acarda Outbound Team: In Acarda Outbound Manager click on the Manage tab then in the List Management group of icons, click on the Dial List Data icon. For Acarda Outbound Solo: Click on the Administration tab (rather than the Agent View tab) and then the Manage tab, then in the List Management group of icons, click on the Dial List Data icon.

On the right-hand-side below the Filter Criteria region you will see a set of tabs in the Changes region. Click on the one called “Order” and you will see the screen shown in figure 1.


Figure 1: Dial List Data screen.

Now select the Source Campaign on the left-hand-side which holds the leads you wish to randomize. Next, if you want to, on the right-hand-side you will select a filter criteria. For example, you may want to reset only Not Called records or Call Back records.

To randomize the order select “Randomize Order,” then click the “Change Order” button. This can be undone by clicking the “Reset Order”, and then the “Change Order” button


Figure 2: Dial List Data – Order tab.

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How to fix a remote agent login problem

In Acarda Outbound, Advanced Edition, you can have outbound callers, remote agents, using Acarda Outbound Agent in a remote location from where the main Acarda Outbound Server is located. This is great for agents working from home or even in another country.

This blog will detail how to go about solving the problem where a remote agent that used to be able to login is no longer able to login. Usually re-installing Acarda Outbound will not help this situation. Take the following steps:

1. Confirm that the agent that is installed on the same computer as the Acarda Outbound Server can log in.

2. If it cannot log in then check that the Acarda Outbound Server has started and also that the username and password are correct. In one case we had no further agents could log in because the hard drive on the server computer was full.

3. Assuming the local agent can log in check that another remote agent can log in from a different computer to the one having problems. If no remote agents can log in then you need to check that the main office router and port forwarding is set up correctly. Also check you are using the correct public static IP address or domain name to reach the office.

4. Check that you have an internet connection by browsing to a website that you know usually works.

5. If one remote agent can log in while another cannot log in then try using the same user name at both locations to ensure it is not a user/password issue. Also check that the server computer name is correct. You can see the server computer name on the login screen at the bottom (see figure 1).



agent-login-screenFigure 1: Login Screen

6. If the server computer name is correct then re-check you are using the correct user name and password. Also confirm again that an agent at another remote location can login. If everything looks correct then run any windows updates and restart your computer and go through these steps again to re-test.

7. If still no success then please email us your log files which are located in the C:\ProgramData\Acarda\Acarda Outbound\Logs folder. We would like to see log files for recent days from the agent computer that is having problems, an agent computer that works successfully and the server computer.

8. If the server computer name is not correct then enter into the settings screen to update the server name by typing the word “showsettings” into the user name and clicking the OK button. Now re-test to confirm the agent can now log in. If the agent is still not able to log in please send log files.

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